Carestream RVG 6500 Digital X-Ray Sensor Kit

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The RVG 6500 System delivers the same-film quality images as our RVG 6100 Sensor along with the latest innovations. Use the RVG Mobile app to acquire and diagnose images on an iPad, without the need for extra monitors and rewiring; and take advantage of Wi-Fi to keep your operatories cable-free. Offering unparalleled flexibility and affordability, the RVG 6500 System is a perfect fit for any practice.

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As the first RVG sensor to offer Wi-Fi compatibility, the RVG 6500 system delivers the same image quality as the wired RVG 6100 model, offering up to 60% more resolution than similar product-images. The sensor's fiber optical technology provides unmatched anatomical detail for the clearest, sharpest images you can imagine.

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